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1. Weichai Deutz AG engine is selected to make the whole machine have strong power output and power reserve





Product details

Performance rated loading (kg) 3000kg
overall weight (kg) 10500kg
rated bucket capacity (CBM) 1.8m3
maximum tractive force (kN) 97KN
maximum breakout force (kN) ≥127KN
maximum grade ability(°) 30℃
maximum dump height(mm) 3200mm
maximum dump reach(mm) 1260mm
overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 6950×2400×3050mm
minimum turning radius 5097mm
Engine model Weichai Deutz AG Engine/Dongfanghong
type lnline water cooled, four stroke
No. of cylinder-bore/stroke (mm) 6-126×130mm
rated power(kW) 92kw--2400r/min
maximum torque N.m 500N.m
min fuel-consume ratio ≤210g/kw.h
Transmission system torque converter 315
gearbox mode Power Shift Straight Teeth Constant Engagement.
gear shift 4forward shift  2 reverse shift
maximum speed 40km/h
Drive axles Main reduction type. Bevel gear grade l reduction
Final reducer. First level planetary deceleration.
wheel base (mm) 2740mm
wheel tread(mm) 1820mm
ground clearance(mm) 400mm
Hydraulic system system working pressure (Mpa) 16.5MPa
boom lifting time (s) 4.83s
total time (s) 9.15±0.5s
fuel tank capacity (L) 156L
function of leveling automatically have
Brake system service brake Air top caliper disc type four-wheel brake
parking brake Manual disc brake
    Tyre type specification 17.5-25
front tyre pressure (kPa) 0.4Mpa
rear tyre pressure (kPa) 0.35Mpa


1. Weichai Deutz AG engine is selected to make the whole machine have strong power output and power reserve
2. The power adopts a new type of high-pressure pump, which endows the entire machine with super strong lifting and rising capabilities. The application of coaxial flow amplification technology makes the operation of the entire machine more lightweight and flexible. The braking system adopts advanced air top oil technology and four-wheel caliper braking, which is responsive, safe and reliable. 
The 3 widened and weighted front frame is equipped with a super boom combination and a one-time formed steel frame, making the overall structure more stable, sturdy, and durable. 
4. The latest version of the driver's cab is fully tempered and enclosed. Equipped with super luxurious seats, heating, sound system, and user-friendly control device, driving is comfortable, with a wide view, reducing the driver's work fatigue. 
5. Adopting full hydraulic steering, power shift and speed change, and hydraulic control of the working device, the entire machine is easy to operate and flexible, with stable and reliable movements. 


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