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China Mini Telescopic Wheel Loader T1500 With Extend Bucket Boom - Buy ARMWR Telescopic Arm Wheel Loader




Product details

  model   ARMWR1500
Performance rated loading (t)   1.5
rated bucket capacity(m)³   0.6
overall weight(kg)   4250
One arm unloading height (mm)
(when unloading angle is 45 °)
Two arm unloading height (mm)
(When unloading angle is 45 °)
One arm lifting height (mm)
(When unloading angle is 45 °)
Two arm lifting height (mm)
(When unloading angle is 45 °)
Unloading distance of one arm (mm)   1031
Two arm unloading distance (mm)   1449
Maximum lifting weight of one arm (kg)   1500
Maximum lifting weight of the second arm (kg)   900
Bucket fully loaded lifting
Time (S)
Bucket discharge time (s)   2s
Maximum driving speed (km/h) Forward 1st gear 10
  Forward Second Gear 22
  Reverse gear I 10
  Reverse gear II 22
maximum tractive force (kN)   33
 maximum breakout force (kN)   28
Excavation depth (mm)   40
maximum grade ability(°)   28
maximum steering angle   31°±1
minimum turning radius(mm)   5450
Oscillation angle   12
Main dimensions and weight Total length (bucket bottom flat on the ground) mm   5072
Bucket width (full width)   1860Tyre)
Full height (mm)   2600
 wheel base (mm)   2138
wheel tread(mm)   1530
ground clearance(mm)   275
overall weight (kg)   3700
Engine model   YN27GBZ(yunnei)
rated power(kW)   58
rated speed (r/min)   2400
Maximum torque (n.m)   170
Number of cylinders   4
No. of cylinder-bore/stroke (mm)   90*105
displacement (L)   2.7
Rated operating conditions enable fuel
Consumption rate (g/kW. h)
Transmission system Torque converter/
Hydraulic motor
mode 265
  Manufacturer Yidu hydraulic components
  type Single stage three element centripetal type
gearbox type Fixed axle power shift
  Gearshift Front II/Rear II
Drive axles Main transmission type Bevel gear reduction
  Final reducer Planetary gear reduction
reduction ratio Wheel edge reduction ratio 3.66
  Main transmission reduction
speed ratio
Drive axles type   Four-wheel drive
model   Small wheel side bridge
Tyre specifications 23.5-16
  pressure(mpa) 0.25
  number 4
Steering Steering hydraulic system type   Full hydraulic steering
System pressure (mp)   16
Steering pump type   External gear pump
Steering cylinder diameter (mm)   63
Quantity (piece)   2
Brake system Parking brake type   Clamp disc
Brake disc diameter (mm)   270
Hydraulic system working oil pump model CBG1045
  displacement(ml/r) 45
Traveling pump model YL1018
  displacement(ml/r) 18
System working oil pressure   17
Work distribution valve model 15
  type Double stem type
Tipping bucket cylinder - cylinder diameter   ø100
Lift Cylinder - Bore   ø110
Refueling capacity Diesel tank (L)   70
Diesel engine oil (kg)   5.5
Transmission oil (kg)   18
Hydraulic oil for working device (kg)   70


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